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How to close Melbet account

When circumstances are such that a player who bets on sports has a desire to stop losing money and block the gaming account. Do gambling operators provide such a special opportunity? Let's look at the example of BK Melbet.

Is there an opportunity to delete a BK Melbet account?

And here the answer is unambiguous - no. Even with a strong desire, the bettor cannot delete his game account. Moreover, it cannot be done even though the support service of the company. However, there is another function. The player can suspend the account, that is, block it. But, if deletion implies a complete rejection of the game, then blocking is more of a temporary abstention from betting, until the time of blocking expires.

How can I block the account of BK Melbet ?

On their own, the player can not make such a decision. But, if you suddenly want to block the account, you only need to contact the support service of the bookmaker's office.

Contact online support, that is, using the chat on the site. The support icon is located at the bottom of the page, in the right corner. After contacting you will be sent a step-by-step instruction that will help you to fulfill your wish to block. The second option is to contact directly via e-mail. The player in any case will have to send a letter to the mail, so this option is more convenient and time-efficient.

Is it possible to block the game account forever?

It all depends on the desire of the player himself. When blocking, you determine the time interval for which the account is blocked. But a player also has a right to unfreeze his account at any time by applying directly to the bookmaker. As soon as the client expresses such a desire - the bookmaker's office will immediately unblock his account to continue playing.

On topic: How to delete my betting account?

So is there any point in blocking the profile at all? It is impossible to delete the account once and for all, and you can unfreeze the blocked account at any time. So you'd better answer this question yourself. If the player suffers from game addiction, then blocking the account will not solve the problem. Generally, there is almost nothing about the deletion and blocking in the rules of the office, but by contacting the support team, you will get comprehensive information about all the possibilities. If you were suddenly given a denial to block your account, the only way to stop and not play is your willpower. Try not to go to the site and do not use the bookmaker's services.

How to close BK

There are several other ways. If a person uses a personal computer, you can put the bookmaker's site in the register of banned resources. Then, when accessing the site in the browser, there will be errors and a white screen. This method is inefficient because the user knows how and where to remove the resource from the list. Similar actions can be performed in the browser of a mobile device. Alternatively, you can contact your Internet provider and ask him to blacklist the URL. However, not every ISP will agree to help.

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